Modern Web Development Setup – Auth Service

It’s been about a year since my last post in this series. Things have – surprise surprise – changed quite a lot in a year, but even if I’d like to update the chosen tech, I’ll mostly use what I originally chose. However, I’ll make a couple of major version updates for the Auth service: Node 6.10.2 -> 8.11.2 Restify 4.3.0 -> 7.2.0 The Shippable node image was also updated to 6.5.4 to get Node 8.11.2 support. Due to the node version update the Dockerfiles for all the components were updated as well. Overall Target As mentioned in the introduction[…]

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Modern Web Development Setup – The Local Development Environment

Alrighty, time to get something concrete done! But let’s check a few things before creating the first versions of the service components. Conventions, Practices & Configurations Coding Conventions I’m using Atom code editor and ESLint with Airbnb’s React coding conventions. There are other convention alternatives also available, but with I’ve been happy with these after a few minor modifications. The setup is needed for Front, App and Auth Services. In macOS the following commands in terminal will do the magic and install the module along with needed dependencies:

For Atom, linter, linter-eslint and language-babel packages provide the needed features – and the default language-javascript package[…]

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