Duolingo exercises


Finally Some Physical Exercise Last week(s) have been quite work filled. Due to the broken rib I’ve mostly surfed between the apartment, coworking space and cafes and grocery store. Luckily the rib is getting better every day and yesterday I took a 3 hour walk to a nearby hill which offered very nice views over the Corralejo and nearby area. This was the first time for two weeks I reached my daily activity goal and it felt great to be able to move and get heart rate up while climbing up the steep hills. Tech Stuff This week also offered few other nice details. I’ve now been[…]

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Smart ID card

Estonian e-Residency

Boat trip to Lobos Island last Sunday was great, but the surfing on Wednesday didn’t go that well. I got small wound in my feet, I sprained my left thumb and hurt my ribs. I’m not sure how and when it happened exactly, but at some point the surf board must have hit my ribs hard enough to cause some internal bruises. So now I’ve been medicating myself with basic painkillers, Voltadol (and with a Mojito or two 😉 and taking it easy – no running or gym for four days now – and it will take at least few more before I[…]

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I had somewhat mixed feelings leaving Finland once again. Somehow I had already got used to the daily routines in Ylikiiminki (and the awesome food prepared by my mother ;)) and it was really nice to see friends and family after 2,5 months on the road and spend time with them without too much hurry. But then again I’ve really missed the warm weather, sunlight in the morning and the possibilities to meet new people and network. The first days in Corralejo have been great and the place feels like a nice place to spend some time. The work space + accommodation + gym setup[…]

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Hello 2017!

New Year resolutions Year 2016 was a very exciting year, year of changes. I finished my leadership and management studies, quit my old job to pursue a more flexible career as a sole trader and web developer. I also rented out my apartment and moved to Portugal for two and half months to travel and work remotely. I hope 2017 is even better, but then again if I can get even close to the awesomeness of 2016 I think I’ll be quite happy. In earlier post I mentioned about creating a framework for personal development and I’ve got some kind of framework[…]

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Funchal Wrap-Up

I already wrote about Funchal earlier so feel free to check it in case you missed it. There are few things I didn’t cover yet so let’s wrap up Funchal with this short post. Budget In Lisbon my daily spending was over 60 € even if my general long term target for the moment is 50 € per day. In Funchal I managed to get closer to my target budget – spending about 54 € per day – even if I had a big and modern apartment in the centre of the city and flights from Lisbon to Funchal and from[…]

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Destination for January

Even if the weather is nice and the sun is shining the work is real also here. Last few weeks have been quite busy and I’ve been doing 60 h work weeks to finish the project we’re working with. To counter the time spend between the chair and the laptop I’m planning to rent a car tomorrow for a short road trip around the Madeira island and enjoy my last few days here in more relaxed manner. I’m heading back to Finland for Christmas holidays, but I’m not going to stay there for too long. I don’t have any exact plans yet, but after I get things[…]

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Just another day for a web developer

Initial Web Dev Experiences

First Steps I picked the web developer hat from the drawer two months ago and I’ve been learning and doing web development since. I started by updating my own homepage using WordPress due to couple of reasons. First of all I was interested to know how smooth it is to develop a website using WP these days since WP is still very popular framework for simple website development. I was also preparing to do basic website development for some time and I wanted to know more about WP since it’s kind of the biggest enemy for a web dev ;). Based on my experiences it depends[…]

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Apps and Processes

How Apps and Processes Keep Me Productive and Organised

I find personal productivity as an interesting subject and it’s also a common topic in digital nomadism and entrepreneurship related forums. I don’t have numbers to prove this, but I’d estimate the work digital nomads do leans towards getting paid for results instead of hours spent. We have our own businesses, services or products we provide and the payment may not depend solely on the amount of hours we put into work. That motivates us to do what we do efficiently so that with the saved time we can either push our business even further or spend more time traveling, being in interesting places and having new[…]

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