Berlin Wrap-Up and Summer Plans

I left Berlin already few weeks ago so I’ll write a bit about it and I’ll also wrap up my digital nomad travelling endeavours for the spring and summer time. Berlin The wiki travel article sums up Berlin quite nicely so I won’t write more about that. For me the main reasons for going to Berlin were the coworking space boom and decent price level. I also wanted to get more familiar with the German / Berlin web development scene and network a bit. The feeling in Berlin – at least in Neukölln area – was quite cozy and it[…]

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Malta Wrap-Up

Alrighty, I’ve been busy enjoying Berlin, but here is the Malta wrap-up. On my way to Malta I spend few days in Madrid. The weather happened to be perfect for those days so it was nice to see some sights and hang around in the Buen Retiro Park. I’ll definitely consider staying in Madrid a bit longer if an opportunity arises. Malta Malta is a small island (or archipelago) south of Sicily, Italy. Due to its small 316 km2 size and a population of around 450,000 Malta is one of the most most densely populated countries. Originally I ended up selecting Malta for a travel destination due to nice[…]

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Corralejo Wrap-Up

Here is a wrap-up of Corralejo based on my two months stay here. I enjoyed my stay here and if you’re into water sports I definitely recommend to check this place. For me it’s time to move forward and tomorrow I’ll fly to Madrid for few days and then to Malta for a month. I’ve already encountered some challenges regarding my living arrangements in Malta so let’s see how it goes; I’ll write more about Malta next week. Corralejo and Fuerteventura Corralejo is originally a fisher village and in some ways it’s still visible. There sea surrounds the city and there are lots of boats in[…]

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Playing with Prisma app


Ribs, Crackle, Pop I mentioned last week I hurt my ribs a bit while surfing. Well, the pain didn’t go away within a week so I went to the local medical centre to get a professional diagnose. Even if the surfers are regular customers also in the medical centre and their issues are usually dealt with pain killers and Bepanthen the doctor suggested to take x-ray images. The x-rays revealed I had a broken rib and based on my understanding – the doctor’s English was a bit limited – the tip of the 7th rib (counted from up) on left side was broken, but in such[…]

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Work and Fun

I didn’t get any blog text written last week and I took some mental effort to get in the mood to write. For the last two weeks I’ve been focusing on learning React.js while building a web service and it’s been surprisingly fun and fulfilling. Work Habit Analysis I came across Memory app last week and I’ve been trying it out a bit. The app tracks what applications you’re using and what sites you’re browsing and spending time in and collects daily and weekly overviews about your time spend. The data can be used for tracking how much time you spend working in various[…]

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I had somewhat mixed feelings leaving Finland once again. Somehow I had already got used to the daily routines in Ylikiiminki (and the awesome food prepared by my mother ;)) and it was really nice to see friends and family after 2,5 months on the road and spend time with them without too much hurry. But then again I’ve really missed the warm weather, sunlight in the morning and the possibilities to meet new people and network. The first days in Corralejo have been great and the place feels like a nice place to spend some time. The work space + accommodation + gym setup[…]

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Funchal Wrap-Up

I already wrote about Funchal earlier so feel free to check it in case you missed it. There are few things I didn’t cover yet so let’s wrap up Funchal with this short post. Budget In Lisbon my daily spending was over 60 € even if my general long term target for the moment is 50 € per day. In Funchal I managed to get closer to my target budget – spending about 54 € per day – even if I had a big and modern apartment in the centre of the city and flights from Lisbon to Funchal and from[…]

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Destination for January

Even if the weather is nice and the sun is shining the work is real also here. Last few weeks have been quite busy and I’ve been doing 60 h work weeks to finish the project we’re working with. To counter the time spend between the chair and the laptop I’m planning to rent a car tomorrow for a short road trip around the Madeira island and enjoy my last few days here in more relaxed manner. I’m heading back to Finland for Christmas holidays, but I’m not going to stay there for too long. I don’t have any exact plans yet, but after I get things[…]

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Destination Funchal

The amazing views from the plane during landing and from the bus during the way to centre gave me very positive initial impression of Funchal. After three weeks my thoughts about the city haven’t changed. City Funchal – founded in 15th century – is the capital of autonomous Madeira region with a bit over 110 000 residents. The weather is quite warm throughout the year, but compared to summer time the temperature is few degrees colder during the winter months. November daily average is 19 degrees. Nice weather, modern infrastructure, atmospheric city centre, beautiful nature and nearby smaller cities and sights form a very nice combination[…]

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Another Lisbon panorama

Lisbon Wrap-up

I stayed a bit over a month in Lisbon and moved to Funchal, Madeira earlier this week so its time to wrap-up my Lisbon experiences. People People in general were really nice and helpful in Lisbon. Service in shops and restaurants were nice even if the older generation didn’t usually speak English. I had a neighbour – a friendly old gentleman – who was determined to teach and remind me of the Portuguese greetings like Bom dia, Boa tarde and Boa noite after I greeted him with Hi. Traffic was quite hectic in the central area of Lisbon, but the[…]

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